Wish to join your favorite team in the live match?

Do you also want to cheer your favorite football team live from the stadium? Or wish to travel hassle-free at the destination of the match? Don’t worry! U-Turn brings you the sporting opportunity to travel and join your favorite sport or event, just with a click.

How do we work?

Sports tourism is any travelling that is done to join a sporting event. It could involve physically taking part in the sports activity or just watching any section of the sporting event organization. U-turn Vision Tours with a close study of the importance of exercise, nutrition and travel aims at being a leader in growing tourism in Africa and developing it so that Africans can as well take part in world Sports events like the Olympics, Football, World tournaments, Cycling and other forms of sports and Athletics. We aim at being the pacesetter of transforming Sports Tourism in Africa and Europe, with well-trained staff in both the UK and Uganda offices, your safety is guaranteed and satisfaction beyond your money’s worth. Even though this kind of tourism is less developed in Africa, U-Turn bridges the gap between tourists and their favorite sport effortlessly. With offices in the UK and Uganda, two pivotal locations in their consequent continents. U-turn Vision Tours is easing the movement of sports tourists from Europe to Africa to the whole world. We also promote recent research on the benefits of exercise, good feeding and travel through its directorship in the UK.

How is sports tourism different?

The variety of activities offered by this package ascertain that sooner or later it’s going to be the leading type of tourism as it encompasses travelling with someone’s hobby, specifically sport. Sports tourism brings a sense of self-fulfillment. It enhances the physical and mental well-being of participants. It helps maintain or improve the health of tourists. Participants of sport tourism can also have positive emotions such as fun and excitement, a sense of togetherness of fellow travelers, usually stems from a shared love and passion for a particular sport. You just have to decide what sport you wish to see or in which event you would like to participate. Once decided, send us your enquiries on the form below with dates you wish to travel and leave the rest on us. We will reach out with the best package which is syncing with the events for you in the given timeframe! Experience with us. Take some time to meander, decide to take a long way home

It was an honor for U-turn Vision Tours to participate in the 2012 London Olympics. We were proudly a part of the organizing team for Ugandan athletes and flag bearers.