Customize Your Dream Wedding With

We understand that your love story is unique and special, and we believe that your wedding should be equally special and unique. That’s why we at U-Turn have replaced wedding packages with customizable and tailored weddings, making it a very personal experience and personalized moment for you. We have specifically added some extras to make your special day more extraordinary. Therefore, tell us where and we will get you there and it is our vision to make your dream come to pass. No matter how best you design your special day, we will include some of the finer details. From seating and cocktails to music and more to give you the perfect foundation for your dream wedding, we have everything to make your big day, just your dream day!

Let Us Plan Your Dream Wedding

Personal Wedding Planning

We not only help you with deciding the wedding destinations but our team expertise in organising the big day for you! We have experts in the wedding planning team, photography, preparation of marriage documents, pre-recorded music as per your choice and wedding cake. We also offer gifts to the bride and groom and a completely paid honeymoon trip. Since the essentials are taken care of, any investment you choose to make will go towards customizing. So feel free to dream big. Get downright unique and creative.

Our Top Destinations for Wedding

Pick some inspirations to inspire your imagination of your dream wedding – from storybook romance or breezy island chic to avant-garde or refined costal luxury. Feel free to mix and match our tasteful decor options to reflect your personal style. Our inspirations range from styled ideas, colors, hashtag weddings, and finishing touches that will guide you through the planning journey and bring your vision to life.