U-Turn Vision Tours

Devoted to turning your tours and travel ideations to moments to hold forever.

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Travel & Tourism

We are U-turn Vision Tours, a recognized tours and travel brand, devoted to turning your tours and travel ideations to moments to hold forever.

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Sustainable Travel

We are working for responsible tourism and conservation practices that transform local livelihoods, enhance conservation of nature, and achieve sustainable tourism development.

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Mission & Values

We strive to provide outstanding service to our clients. We take the utmost consideration of our client's interests and concerns and promote honesty and transparency.

About Uturn

Mastering the art of perfect adventure for 10+ years in the wild!

‘Uturn vision’ is all about astounding destinations and an enduring experience. Not only we have customised destination packages but something which includes your family/friends or your special one. From experiencing the varied adventure sports to witnessing the surreal beauty of nature, you can find everything you have on your bucket list and choose your mind!

At Uturn, we are also inclined towards the conversation of natural resources and support local tourism. With passion and commitment towards an enriching experience, we welcome you ahead to onboard the journey with us.
Let’s go!

We Travel With Nature

Jungle Safari And Treckking

Enjoy the utmost experience of the Jungle Safari and Gorilla Trekking with a detailed explanation of flora and fauna with our expert guides! Experience the thrill of nature and know…

Adventure Trips

Our tour packages are filled with various thrilling and exciting adventure trips to relish you and your soul. From travelling to National Parks to diving into the experience of River…

Get away destinations

Relax and retrieve in the getaway destinations at the famous getaway destinations in Africa. Enjoy your party with customized packages and recreational activities.


Our Individually Tailored Services Are Our USP!

Creating since 2012, U-turn Vision tours company has impacted the easiness with which our clients' adventure and travel. Individually tailored itinerary for your happiness. U-turn envisions a cross-cultural world where no culture is foreign to anyone in the world. Discover it with us.

With our exclusive “U-turn” value, we make sure you do not miss any aspect of your tour, this lets you personally connect with the places and wonders you see. As a client, your worry is what we handle while you are at the comfort of your home, office, vacation.

U-turn through the charity bloc gives back to the community basically mentoring boys who have in recent times been slightly side-lined by their counter-parts. It educates, counsels, skills and supports the boy child so he can be a better father once again.

Eco Adventures

We believe in economic travelling, thus have the various customised packages for you and your loved ones!

Green Tourism

Decreasing carbon footprints and building the eco-friendly manners of travelling has always been our motto.

Work with Locals

We constantly strive to work with the locals to increase local tourism and support them in every way

Core Values

Client safety and satisfaction are our primary agenda. Thus, we strive to provide outstanding service to our clients meanwhile ensuring their complete safety.


People who always support and endorse our good work!